Thundering Rivers

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a defunct freehold chapter, once located in Elkhart IN.

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Technically known as The Barony of Thunder Heart Pass, and operating under the name Thundering Rivers, the park started as the combination of Thunder Heart Pass and Twisted River. While Olan and Jarl were attending a Vampire Larp, they had discovered that there had bean several attempts at a free hold in several areas. Twisted River, the original park suddenly found it's numbers doubled over night.

After another year, and another Vampire Larp, the group found itself more interested parties. This time in Elkhart. Olan, Anton and Wrank Stankly introduced amtgard to an even larger group of larpers. This time Twisted Rivers had found their numbers tripled. After meeting for half the summer, due to several factors, the players from Elkhart started Thunder Heart Pass.

The two park system seemed to work perfectly, with joint quests, and events, things were working out pretty good. However after visits from Raven the Muse and Griever Tarrant it seemed it was time to go for kingdom endorsement. And here lied the question, should we go separate or merge to attempt at getting barony status. The two parks, after a sketchy allthing merged together and applied for acceptance into the Kingdom of the Rising Winds....

Removal from Rising Winds

By unanimous vote of the RW Circle of Monarchs, Thundering Rivers was removed from the Kingdom for repeated and well documented violations and abuses of power concerning awards and credits by its core officers and members.

At the same time, a new park has been flourishing in the area, being populated and governed by the people that were tired of the shenanigans at Thundering Rivers.

The new park already has a signed BLBOD contract and has been voted into probationary status in the RW, showing us proof of consistent Barony level numbers since July.

So the statement, while overly dramatic, is probably true. With a better run park prospering in the same town, TR and its ilk will likely wither and die as a lonely freehold.
--Sir Brock Argenta September 29, 2008

TR is not doing well on its own from being separated from the rising winds, after there old PM violently attacked someone with a pen. -Lord Stefan of the Hillpeople, PM of TR mar 10,'o9

Aftermath of split

Following its removal from the Rising Winds in 2008 is seems populous of Thundering Rivers apparently split off in three waves forming Harrowing Citadel, Emerald Waters, and Falcon's Nest. The chapter folded two years later on 2010.