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Man-at-Arms Lleyithan Everautumn of Tal Dagore

”Non-combatants are the lifeblood of Amtgard.”

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Lleyithan Everautumn began playing Amtgard in the summer of 2014, founding Everautumn Valley in his hometown of Kirksville, MO with Drizzt of Tal Dagore. That same year he became Man-atArms to Squire Hiimori, and joined Sol Invictus shortly afterward in August. In 2017 he left Tal Dagore to move to Winter's Edge where he founded a park called Forochel Glade in Raleigh, NC. After returning to Tal Dagore in late 2018, he was briefly a member of Seven Rivers Forge before transferring to Black Hollow (later renamed to Hollow Mountain).

Lleyithan's focus in Amtgard is largely on A&S, though he particularly enjoys militia battlegames. His crafts are divided between leatherworking and silicone molding / resin casting.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Founder and Sheriff of Everautumn Valley Founding - Jan 12 2015
3rd place in Tal Dagore Dragonmaster Reign 9 - Aug 16 2014
Best-in-Show in Knoblands Dragonmaster - July 16 2016
4th place in Construction category at Keep on the Borderlands X - Sep 18 2019
Cultural Champion of Tal Dagore Reign 19, Crown Tournament - Dec 7 2019
Won Best of the Best at Keep on the Borderlands XI and 2nd place overall - Sep 19 2021

More Information

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