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”It's spicy magic!”
"Oh that's cute!"
"I thought I died you..."



Kismet started Amtgard in 2011 and thought she would be color, but little did she know that shortly after at that year's 1000 Stars Campout she would find a feirce love for fighting and healing. Being part the small holding of Sacred Wind, she quickly found herself part of land monarchy holding office as Sheriff and Regent of the land. Constantly seen with pigtails and baked treats, she values her quick heal spell. WAA to LadyDolphina. She is also a part of several households she feels strongly about. In January 2013, she was honored with the title of Lady.

Affiliated Groups

Sisters of the Spear - Sister
Brotherhood of the Blood Moon - Initiate
C.O.G - Curd
Ludus of Twiticus - Bitchess

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

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