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These hideous creatures are members of a race descended from Elves who were twisted and perverted by evil in the mists of the past. Although they are not inherently evil, they are culturally and mentally predisposed toward hate, malice and cruelty, never happy or at peace aside from mealtime or battle. Orcs are heavily built with thick hides, short legs and long arms. They have grotesque, fanged faces and random hair growth.
Dor Un Avathar X

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Greenish grey face paint or mask.
  • Tusks.
  • Crude looking clothing or armor.
  • Suggested: Random leather/hide/chain/metal patchwork armor.
Requirements None
Monster Type Humanoid
Level 3
Power Rating 2
Armor 4 (Worn)
Shields Large
Weapons All melee



  • None

Special Notes