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A High Seas Primer

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A production of the Amtgard X Group for use with the V8 Rules of Play
Written and Compiled by Lord Uncle of Ironwood

Yo ho, all together, hoist the colors high, and welcome to the first Amtgard X expansion Set, Nautical Nights: A High Seas Primer. This manual sets off for uncharted waters and the terrors of the deep ocean, leaving the safe haven of standard battlegames far off in the horizon. If you've ever dreamed of swashbuckling duels, boarding actions (and who hasn't?), mermaid lagoons, or buried treasure, this is the booklet for you.

Within these pages, you'll find all manner of marine monsters, from the villainous Sea Hags to the noble Cetaceans, from the humble Dolphin to the terrifying Kraken, and everything in between. You'll also find suggestions for how to use existing classes to fit Nautical standbys, from the Pirate to the Swashbuckler.

There are extensive rules for underwater battlegames and suggestions for months of potential battlegames, scenarios, and quests. Finally, we've tossed in some trinkets, talismans, and artifacts, because no good pirate should be without some fine booty!

Be warned, though: Dead men tell no tales.
Uncle October 22, 2016

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