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Resembling small, blue orca whales, the cetaceans are a highly advanced super-intelligent race of aquatic mammals. Cetaceans are skilled negotiators and diplomats and prefer conversation to combat. They live and travel the seas in extended family groups called pods. The eldest and wisest members rule each pod, while the remainder split their time between sentry duty, practicing their mental skills, making shell jewelry for trade, and basking in the warm waves near the surface. Cetaceans are generally helpful to humans and other seafaring races, although they are naturals enemies of Scalor and their allies
Nautical Nights

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Blue and white tabard sewn to resemble an orca.
  • Blue face paint or tabard.
Requirements None
Monster Type Beast
Level 3
Power Rating 1.5
Armor 1 (Natural)
Shields None
Weapons Single Long (Natural), Short (Natural)



  • May not leave Water zones.

Special Notes