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Mac of Crimson Wood, Westmarch/Dragonspine



Mac, known to be something of a laconic individual, has long been one of Crimson Wood's consistent Warriors--a class that tends to get less love in the land, compared to Barbarian, Assassin, or Scout. His trademark tower shield--the construction of which earned him an Order of the Owl--serves him exceptionally well, leading him to perform remarkably well in an informal "Iron Man" tournament held by Crimson Wood in 2007.

Mac also tends to wear armor whenever possible, making him that much harder to kill with weapons. He tends to avoid the land's plentiful Wizards and Druids accordingly.

Mac has been on something of a hiatus from Amtgard since about May 2008.

Affiliated Groups

Mac is a Commoner in the Order of the Elements.

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