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Leviathans are gargantuan underwater beasts, a nightmarish mix of whales and reptiles. They are sometimes responsible for the sinking of ships, able to capsize even a galleon with a mighty enough blow. They are usually only encountered in the deep ocean, but have been known to wander onto land, where they leave great destruction in their wake. Some of the world’s deepest lakes are also rumored to contain one or more leviathans, which are thought to live for centuries.
Nautical Nights

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Bluish green scaly garb
  • Fins
  • Flippers
Requirements None
Monster Type Beast
Level Scenario
Power Rating 6
Armor 8 (Natural Invulnerability)
Shields None
Weapons Any melee (Natural)



  • May not leave Water zones.

Special Notes