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Was a Shire under the Kingdom of the Rising Winds located in Zagreb, Croatia. The term "Krvomedje" is a game of words. It can be translated as "Bloodhoney" (one of the possible translations of the term "Balkans") or "Bloodborder" (Krvomedje is located near river Sava that is an imaginary border of Balkan peninsula).



Also spelled as "Krvomeđe" in Croatian ortography. The Shire was founded in 2005 in Zagreb, Croatia. As of 2014 when last active it was the last Amtgard chapter in Europe. Five other chapters once exsisted in Croatia: Nepokoreno Kraljevstvo, Brijeg Medvjeđi, Histria, Kothenya, and Vinska Gora. Once a Freehold, it was for years a chapter of the Rising Winds, though it didn't take an active role in Rising Winds politics due to geographical distance.

LARP in Croatia started in late '90s, soon after the war. For the first couple of years, the only LARP event was the Summer Session near Kutina (Officially: Vinska Gora), which was held once yearly and gathered LARPers from entire Croatia. I believe Summer Session 7 and 8 were the largest LARPs in Croatia ever, gathering over 100 people. Soon, Histria opened in Motovun, Istria, and became a widely successful second event of the year, gathering 20-30 players but it went down couple of years later. Summer Session started to lose people too due to various reasons, and it never recovered - meanwhile, guys from Gaia, Osijek started the first Amtgard compatible LARP, and Krvomeđe started, which offered regular short LARPs for the first time in Croatia and also the multi-day events in Budinjak, at the Žumberak mountain. Also, Ognjeni Mač group soon splintered off from the rest of Amtgarders and started running their own games, changing their rules along the way.

There has been some bad blood between groups but it is no longer the case, so currently all events are visited by a large number of players from other Croatian groups. Main Croatian events are always RP events, and they're typically organized as a continuing campaign. Roleplay and even major plotlines from all Croatian RP events tend to mix and overlap on all the RP events. Events never overlap, as their dates are usually agreed on beforehand between Croatian LARP groups.

LARP population in Croatia is around 100 players, of them there are some 40 which could be considered very active. Amtgard was dominant in Croatian LARP population and was for a time became synonymous with LARP, as all major RP events organized so far have been either by an Amtgard chapter or unofficial, but still using Amtgard rules (whether pure, or a variant of). It has also strongly influenced the LARP in Serbia.

A credit agreement was also been reached between groups. Shire of Krvomedje allowd players to count credits from other events using Amtgard rules towards their level on Krvomedje events, and vice versa - this promoted cross-gaming, RP and plotline spill-over between various Croatian groups, and contributed to the increase of game quality in both Krvomedje and other Croatian groups.

Krvomedje and other Croatian groups have drawn players from Serbia, Slovenia, USA and Austria, some of them from different game systems. Several of those are now considered to be our regular players.

It was voted as Amtgard Park of the Year 2011. by Electric Samurai.

Last Known Officers


Events in Croatia are typically known by their location - whether real-life location or in-game RP name. Shire of Krvomedje used in-game names for its events.

  • Rajski Vrhovi - weekend (Fri-Sun) camping event which is held twice a year (usually in June and August). It's Krvomedje's largest event, considered the main event of the group, and it's counted entirely as a single RP game, with exception of Noćni lov (Night Hunt), the traditional battlegame which takes place in near complete darkness every Friday night. The winner of Noćni lov is awarded the local title of Noćni lovac (Night hunter). Rajski Vrhovi usually also includes a court and a tournament, and they're both done in-character. They're located in Budinjak, on Žumberak mountain, some hour and a half drive from Zagreb. Location is next to the ancient Celtic settlement and burial site. The name Rajski Vrhovi means Paradise Peaks.
  • Krvomeđe - local park days are labeled by the official name of the group. They're typically class battlegames. They're run on a public land at the bank of river Sava, near Savica Šanci lake.
  • Labuđa Rijeka - meaning Swan River, it's the newest location at the bank of Mrežnica river. In 2011, there was one battlegame held there. Usage of terrain is planned to expand in 2012.

Croatian translation of Amtgard rules is used as official on Krvomedje events, although of course English version is also considered legal.


Directions and Contacts

Regular meetings were held every Tuesday evening in Tomislav pub near the main railroad station in Zagreb.

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