Falcon's Moon

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Amtgard Chapter
Falcon's Moon
Kingdom Emerald Hills
Status Duchy
City Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Park Will Rogers Gardens
Meets on Saturdays at 2:30PM
Founded 2016
Active Active

A Duchy of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Navy/Dark Blue background with a White or Yellow "harvest" full moon and a Black silhouette of a Falcon crossing the two fields on the left side of the circle

Heraldic blazon: Azure, upon a Roundel Or, a Falcon volant en arrière to sinister chief Sable.

Role Play

Falcon's Moon was a small farming village. It was cursed into darkness, and it is still completely unknown how it occurred. The struggling farmers had to come up with new and inventive ways to feed themselves and to survive. They also had to become strong fighters, because as the dark rolled in, so did the creatures and monsters that flourished in the darkness. A powerful lich invaded the land, and turned farmer against farmer. Those who escaped the lich's thrall underwent intense training to defeat it. After many endless nights, the lich was finally vanquished from the land.

However, the story did not end there. As Falcon's Moon became more powerful, a power-hungry pirate took over. Shroudstar became baroness and began sending the new troops to other lands to invade and start wars. With each success, her hubris became stronger. She soon declared war on the entirety of the Emerald Hills. The citizens of Falcon's Moon knew that this was foolish, and Rhadamanthys hired an assassin, User:Art, to take Shroudstar down. He was successful, but her death did not last long.

Falcon's Moon was soon under siege by a mysterious plague of bad singing. Shroudstar had come back, more powerful, and more insane. She began brainwashing the people she claimed to care about and turn them into her own fighting puppets. Falcon's Moon was once more victorious against the mad pirate, and took her down. She is now in prison.

Later, the sun came back! What was worrying is that no one knew why. And with it came a curse of non-violence (2020). The current storyline here is still underway through battlegames at park. Help shape the RP of Falcon's Moon!

People of Falcon's Moon


  • As of 5/01/2023

Monarch - Karad Rog'el

Regent - Sorcha Spinesnapper

Prime Minister - Einar Blackwood

Champion - Thor

Guildmaster of Reeves - Serra Blackwood

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Contacts and Directions

We meet on Saturdays at 2:30pm CST at Will Rogers Gardens in OKC, and seasonally on Wednesdays at 6pm CST at Edgemere Park in OKC.

OKC Foam Fighting Discord https://discord.gg/Zty7GmHTuR

Kingdom of the Emerald Hills Discord https://discord.gg/YNSkGXSjYk

Our Facebook link: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1022445681209603?ref=bookmarks

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