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Lord Kieran Exquisite Mischief Pompous Fancypants, the Namethief
is a dastardly scoundrel from the Duchy of Greenwood Keep, in the Kingdom of Northern Lights.

a catty bitch


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Kieran began playing Amtgard in early 2016. He discovered the game via a series facebook posts made by Devry on other LARP pages.


Kieran's character is a Shapeshifter from the island of Vesuva (from Magic: The Gathering lore). Kieran is a audacious impostor who delights in eating/absorbing his prey before stealing its identity. He loves exploring all the shapes and modalities of life, sometimes stealing several identities in a single day, rarely wearing the same skin twice.

Volrath, a sentient hat.


Kieran has been known to render players nameless, using fae magic to steal their persona names and titles. Stolen names are ransomed back to their namesakes, or resold to the highest-bidder.


Volrath is a small, highly intelligent Mimic who accompanies Lord Kieran on his adventures. Volrath usually takes the form of a golden lord's coronet covered in eyeballs, and rides atop Kieran's head, whispering crazy ideas in Kieran's ear.

Notable Accomplishments

That Big Monster Quest

In 2018, Kieran embarked on a quest to play every battle-game monster in the Dor Un Avathar. This took more than four years. On October 1st 2022 at NLCC: Kieran finally completed this quest. To date, Kieran is the only player from any kingdom, known to have played every v8 battlegame monster.

FM Flag.png
Flooded Mountains flag.
In Amtgard
  • Paragon Monster
  • Lord
  • Runs a twice-annual "Voltron" MTG Commander tournament held at coronation campouts since 2020.
  • Co-runs the weekly Darkmoon History-Night on the Darkmoon Discord Server every Monday evening. A weekly history-lesson formatted like an online college course; lasts 3-4 hours and is worth 1 class-credit; covering a different historical topic each week (still going strong as of 2024!).
  • Created and ran the Flooded Mountains Minecraft Server, a modded Amtgard-themed server which was active throughout the covid lockdowns.
  • Creator of the heraldry and flag for the land of Flooded Mountains.
  • Has organized over a dozen "How To Play Monster" workshops, which have thus far been held at the lands of BE, SM, DFV, FM, and GWK.
Outside of Amtgard
  • Co-founder of the PaNNC (Pacific Northwest Nerf Club), which organizes massive nerf gun battles in WA and OR. Notably: Kieran is responsible for the PaNNC adopting a policy wherein Amtgard boffers and shields are usable at PaNNC nerf-gun-fight events.

Belted Family

paragon favor, crafted by Sir Kanphuzian.


See also: The Impostors of a Thousand Faces on the O.R.K.

Noble / Knightly

Positions Served


Past Relics Held


Affiliated Groups

  • Was in the The Wolf Pack company for 4+ years. Quit during "the Great Diaspora" when like a third of the members quit within a couple months due to some stuff that happened.

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