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Duke Squire Spearweasel of Nocturnis, CK.



Spearweasel is the nickname of 'Duke Squire Kansuke', which is too long for most people to remember or pronounce. Spearweasel is squired to Archduke Sir Arion Reinquist, who gave him the nickname after seeing him fight with a polearm. Sir Arion decided that he looked like he was using a "garden weasel" tool rather than a spear, and the name stuck. He refers to himself as a Stickflurb, something halfway between Flurb and Stick Jock. He does not care for ninjas, regardless of what others might think. He was most active between 1997 and 2004; after 2004, he lapsed into sporadic inactivity, periodically attending Clan, Spring War, and a few kingdom-level events through the 2010's and 2020's. He maintains his gear and periodically threatens to go back out every now and then.

Recent Status

Kansuke lists his home park at the Shire of Nocturnis, but he has not actively played there in quite a while. More often, Kansuke attends major IK and regional events, especially those in the Celestial Kingdom and the Wetlands. Kansuke was also in the SCA, in the Barony of Bryn-Gwlad, in the Kingdom of Ansteorra under the same persona. He was otherwise happy to occupy absolutely no positions of influence or responsibility there.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Squired to Archduke Sir Arion Reinquist

Notable Accomplishments

Spearweasel is one of the better known Japanese personae in Amtgard (he plays a sohei), but is infamous for various online Amt-parodies and hoaxes such as Toby Wayne Morrison, the Shire of Lysenko, and the Shire of Morbid Glenn. Spearweasel served as Shogun (Monarch) of the Celestial Kingdom from October 2002 to April 2003. Events during his reign were marked by frequent beheadings at court, Chinese acrobats from University of Texas, and fireworks display at the knighting of Sir Vigus the Very, Very, Very Large, during Spring War. Spearweasel served as the sheriff of Drakenroc and the CK Webgoon, among other minor offices. Spearweasel has written some articles for E-Sam, mostly on the subjects of Persona, Role-playing, and Flurbs. IRL, Spearweasel is currently involved in the writing and publishing of the Kethos fantasy setting, possibly of interest to Amtgard TTRPG players.

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