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A Defunct chapter of Emerald Hills,once located in Carrollton, Texas.

Rebels and Heroes




Ironcloud was the first successful sub-group of the Emerald Hills and was founded in Oak Cliff at Kidd Springs park. Gavvin Quinn was invested as the first Baron of Ironcloud by Queen Alessandra in November of 1989 with Qintahr becoming the first Senechal (Prime Minister). The group quickly swelled its numbers and had regular attendance of 70+ people by the end of the first reign. During this time, those people had been playing at the Barony of Tanglewood abandoned their park to attend battlegames at Ironcloud.

Sirrakhis was elected as the second Baron of Ironcloud and during his reign the Barony moved across town to Keist park due to problems with gun-toting gang members who were unhappy that Amtgardians had claimed 'their' park. The move decimated the populace as the new park was not on a bus route (which many members used) and some members were not available when notice of the move was made.

There was no 3rd reign of the original Ironcloud. With all of the kingdom playing at the same park, it was determined that there was no need to have both a King and Baron or two sets of guildmasters. The populace voted simply to hold an election for kingdom monarch. This was the last reign that the Emerald Hills played at Kiest park as the next monarch, King Lorn moved the populace back to the original park of the Barony of Tanglewood.

For the next seven or so years, people who had played at the original Ironcloud would try to re-capture the magic by starting groups in various locations under the name Ironcloud. Most were short-lived. The longest lasting group using the name Ironcloud was started at Cottonwood Trail Park in North Dallas, TX at the end of January of 1998 by Bloodmoon, Darkbow, Jillith, and Jiri Blackcat. For various reasons, within just a couple months of its founding, these four people were no longer playing and the group was left in the hands of Stormdancer, a very new, but capable person who made sure that the new Ironcloud not only survived, but flourished. Stormdancer served first as Pro-tem Regent then Pro-tem Baroness and then as Regent (under Baron Qintahr Woodhelven) and Pro-tem Baroness again before deciding not to run again due to family obligations. At that time Kahlanth Methwyn (Kahl) was elected to serve as Baron.

This park merged with Broken Shield and Tear Glen to form Campus Supernus in June of 2005.


Ironcloud existed in four distinct incarnation each one with it's own history and legends.

  • Barony of Ironcloud 1.0: The Original Adventures , Kidd Springs Park, Dallas Founded: 1988
  • Barony of Ironcloud 2.0: The Continuation, Keist Park, Dallas Texas Founded: 1990
  • Barony of Ironcloud 3.0: The Next Generation, Cottonwood trail park, Dallas Texas Founded: 1996
  • Barony of Ironcloud 4.0: The Lost Colony, Nobhill Greenbelt park , Carrolton, Texas. Founded 199??


It should be noted that in a lot of ways Ironcloud and Ironclouders are still shaping Amtgard. Groups such as Midnight Sun and Eagleshire owe their existence to the legacy of Ironcloud. In fact some might say Ironcloud is still very much alive and well in many of Amtgard's most iconic groups and players.

People of Note

The Original Founders of Ironcloud were:

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Other Notables that started at Ironcloud are:

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