Campus Supernus

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A defunct Shire of The Emerald Hills, located in Plano, Texas.


First Meeting: 6/26/2005 Last meeting: 3/26/06

Campus Supernus was created by the merger of several shires, mostly Broken Shield, but also Tear Glen, and Iron Cloud, with regular visitors from the HFS park that met in the same location on Saturdays. It was founded by Elder Vermilion, Clio, Aidan of the Green Dragons, and Seldszar.It was created so there would be a park in the northeast DFW area as that area had a large concentration of Amtgarders. It was also created with the idea that CS would meet early on Sundays @11AM to allow for travelers to visit it in the morning and make it to Eagleshire by their starting time @3pm.

Due to a long stretch of sparse turnouts in early 2006 CS voted to officially merge with Midnight Sun.


Contacts and Directions

This chapter is now Defunct.