Level Tests

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They've been required in the EH for years and are actually listed in our corpora. As for who gives the test, the class guildmaster is prefered. As a stand-in, the GMR is allowed to give a test for any class. If neither of these are possible, three other guildmasters can give the test.

I've only been given one test that had a physical trial to it, and I'd never give one myself. The purpose is to make sure that the person knows the rules so that they don't slow down the game because the reeve is constantly having to correct their mistakes. It is not to test how good they are.

Basics of every test I give are:

1. Abilities they already have.
2. Abilities of their new level.

And for non-magic classes

3. Abilites of the next level (in case of the Bard spell Confidence)

At higher levels, I'll ask them about some of the ablities/spells that they might have throw at them. ex. A high level bow user should know that Pyrotechnics is 50ft. A high level Barbarian should know the effects of Stun.

I might even throw in situational or tactical questions. These aren't required to pass the test, but they help gauge how someone is progressing and give a heads up as to who might be considered for Masterhood.