Forgotten Glades

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Amtgard Chapter
FG Heraldry.jpg
Forgotten Glades
Kingdom Blackspire
Status Shire
City Hillsboro
Park Shute Park
Meets on Saturday @1pm
Founded 2017

Forgotten Glades, a Shire of the Kingdom of Blackspire in Hillsboro, OR


This group started meeting in May 2017 after Klepto and Cole Caecus moved nearby and wanted a more local group to attend. Finding that there was enough interest, they met for several weeks before deciding to become an official chapter. Heraldry and chapter name was voted on by the active core members. They submitted their contract and were approved to become a Freehold in October 2017. Shown as a chapter of Blackspire as of 1/1/18.


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We meet at Shute Park in Hillsboro, OR at 1pm on Saturdays.

Heading West on Tualitin Valley Highway, take a left on Maple Street. Go straight at the first stop sign (9th St). At the second stop sign, turn left (8th St). The parking lot will be on the left. We tend to park at the far end, by the gazebo. We meet at the gazebo or across the path at the tables under the trees.

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