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Master Al Azif, of Mystic Seas Blackspire


Born Robert De Payens, a boy sent to war by his church to reclaim the holy lands. Leaving behind his family and friends, Robert took up his blade and began the long journey to war. Along the road, what he saw began to change him. Many dead and injured, on their way home from the war he was marching too. The colour of blood littered the road in many places and many times it caused Robert to contemplate turning back. After weeks of travel, Robert laid eyes on the holy land, burning and littered with the casualties of war.

Robert spent days in camp, mostly on guard duty. But one night he was pulled out of his bed by several other crusaders and told to get ready. They were going on a secret mission to capture of temple. Following behind them, they snuck out of camp and began making their way through the streets. Robert took to the roof tops, wielding his bow to take out any enemies that could spot his allies at alert other. Killing many men, they made their way to the temple and snuck in the back. Robert saw there were no threats he sheathed his blade. Mostly they were just the elderly and women. But that did not stop the others. They charged in, blades swinging as they began slaughtering all in their path. Shocked by what he saw, Robert drew his sword and took up arms against his allies to try to protect the innocent. Running his sword through a man he once called his friend, the others saw this act of betrayal and attacked him. Fighting with all his might, he slew them all. Standing over his deal allies, he didn't hear someone approaching behind him. He felt as a cold blade stuck into his back and he fell unable to move. All he could hear was his own labored breathing and the muttering of a woman.

The sounds of chanting echoed in the head of Robert. Agonizing pain ran through his body as he jolted upright. As he looked around at the room of hooded beings all still chanting while he now sat up right on a stone table in the center of them. Gripping his head, Robert began to get to his feet. Before he could set his feet on the ground, a voice echoed a command to stop. Hearing the command caused Robert's body to lock up, ignoring him telling it to move. A woman stepped forward, removing her hood to show elven decent. She explained how she had been the one who killed and resurrected him, and he was now her slave. She ordered him to get up and down the garb and weapons on the wall behind her. Without a moment's hesitation, Robert's body did just that. Once fully outfitted the woman told him to go and kill everyone in the invading camp without being seen. Which he did. And the method of distraction that he used, a large swarm of insects, gained him the name Al Azif.

Al Azif was forced to kill for the woman for over 200 years. He changed the political flow of many countries. Slayed many religious leaders, and ended the lives of any who stood in his way.

One day, during a mission to kill the leader of a cult of demon worshipers, Al Azif was discovered by a powerful wizard named Dalamar and his faithful man at arms Draugr. Having never been discovered before, Al Azif didn't know what to do, so in panic he attacked Dalamar. With a single wave of his hand, Al Azif lost all will to fight, his weapons losing their edge and his body growing weaker. All of the enchantment the elven sorceress had placed on him had been removed, including the spell controlling his mind. Al Azif thanked the wizard for releasing him and pledged loyalty to him to repay this great debt.

While repaying his great debt, Al Azif was brought into the great house, The Black Hand. It was there that he honed his skills, made many new allies, and took on the noble task of helping to improve this great land that they all lived in.

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Master given by Sir Trenton August 2012

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