Father Thomas von Drakken

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Combat Ranking
High Dancer
A&S Ranking
High Dancer
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Grand Duke Sir Father Thomas von Drakken

"The Flurbs are extinct, their fire has gone out of the universe. You, my friend, are all that's left of their religion. " - The Man Himself

"I dont believe in the Easter Bunny, I dont believe in Santa, and i sure as HELL dont believe in Father Thomas... He's just a rumor propagated by the Celestial Kingdom...move along, nothing to see here, there is no plot, have some Kool-aide." -Larin Moonstar

"Oh please, you've met the man. Someone like that can't possibly exist." -Istari

"Hey FT is this Pole legal? . . .GEEEEZ (as he feels a COMPLETELY ILLEGAL pole tip) . As long as you dont hit me in the face with it."



Father Thomas is a former member of the SCA. He has been an active member of the Celestial Kingdom since 1994. FT is thrice belted, having earned his Serpent, Crown, and Flame belts. He has held at least one term as Monarch, one as co-Monarch, two terms as Prime Minister, and many as Herald. Father Thomas is the popular subject of many filks including Father Tom by Roger Shrubstaff.

Affiliated Groups

Wardancers(High Dancers)

Belted Family

Father Thomas was once Squire to Sir Arion Renquist who was once squire to Sir Zircon. FT has had many Squires join the Peerage including Colonel, Bromhir, Thun, Vigus, and Shadow Dragon. All of his former Squires have gone on to become Monarch in their own right, with the exception of Vigus, since he's the one smart enough to avoid that crazy. FT has three active Squires Serra Flaxen, Diamond, and Star and three inactive Amethyst, Vidar, and Bob the Ogre. He has one active page Axl, who actually is relatively non-active in Amtgard since he is now graduated from College and married.

Notable Accomplishments

Father Thomas is thrice belted in the orders of the Flame, Serpent and Crown. He was the 16th Monarch and the 34th Co-Monarch of the CK.

Additional Images

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