Star Alavazed

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Squire Star Alavazed, of Traitors Gate

”Life is hard.”

"Some things in life are important, other things are pommels."

"Hi, im star!" Heard after sloughing your shot, hitting Sir Flare in the face, or anything else Broccoli or Scarecrow could blame on him at Springwar.(He didnt actually do any of it)


Star with his fancy new haircut


Star started playing in Mystic Springs in San Antonio in August of 2009. By November he was playing at both of the San Antonio parks. He helped found the Sanguine University in San Marcos when he went to Texas State for college.

Belted Family

Affiliated Groups


Mystic Springs

Traitor's Gate

Sanguine University

Notable Accomplishments

Joined Arms the Saturday before Spring War and became FT's squire a week later.

One of the Founding members of the Sanguine University.

Earned his first two orders on Halloween 2009.

Queen Sylvanista of the Celestial Kingdom gave him a pin from her very own hand for being a gung-ho new player. It's had quite an affect on him.