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The Executive Committee works for and assists the Circle of Monarchs. This three-member committee consists of an Executive Chair, an Executive Secretary, and the Amtgard, Inc. Representative. The duties the Executive Committee performs for the Circle of Monarchs include moderating the official forum, chairing meetings, preparing agendas, providing advice, and implementing decisions. With seventeen kingdoms, the Circle of Monarchs changes membership every month, so the Executive Committee contributes long-term planning and continuity to the Circle of Monarchs.

Selection Process

The Executive Chair and Executive Secretary serve at the pleasure of the Circle of Monarchs, and may be appointed or dismissed at any time. The BLBOD Representative is chosen by the Burning Lands Board of Directors.

Current Membership


Before 2004: Ad hoc chairs

Prior to 2004, the position of Circle of Monarchs chair was ad hoc, with representatives of the Burning Lands frequently organizing the meetings. Aramithris organized and conducted several meetings, including the one in 2002. Other ad hoc chairs included Garik and Phocion.

2004-2005: Brennon, Phocion, Roger (First Triumvirate)

In 2004, a triumvirate of Brennon, Phocion and Roger restarted the stalled creation of the 7.0 rulebook. Brennon informally chaired the impromptu Circle of Monarchs meeting in 2004, while the triumvirate itself dissolved once 7.0 passed in 2005. Brennon continued to act as Circle of Monarchs chair. This triumvirate was not a proto-executive committee, but it did represent the beginning of Brennon's service as executive chair and furthermore provided a model for a three-person committee assisting and advising the Circle of Monarchs.

2005-2007: Brennon, Kurse

From 2005-2007, Brennon chaired the Circle of Monarchs and Kurse served as Amtgard, Inc. Board President. No three-person committee existed at this time, but both Brennon and Kurse served the Circle of Monarchs at this time and both would become part of the executive committee.

2007-2010: Brennon, Randall, Kurse (Second Triumvirate)

In 2006, an informal committee was created to address the problem of award standardization, and a second triumvirate consisting of Brennon, Kurse and Randall emerged from the core of this group. This second triumvirate worked to get the awards standards approved in 2007, and began evolving after the 2007 Circle of Monarchs meeting into something resembling the modern executive committee. In 2008, the structure of executive chair, executive secretary, and Amtgard, Inc. representative was in place: Brennon chaired the meetings, Randall enforced rules of order and took minutes, and Kurse spoke for the Board of Directors.

2010-2012: Michael, Randall, Kurse

At the end of his seventh year as executive chair, Brennon asked the Circle of Monarchs to elect a new chair so he could focus on other projects. Michael was selected and assumed the job immediately following Clan 2010.

Throughout 2010 and early 2011, the Executive Committee of Michael, Randall, and Kurse worked to codify both their own offices and the way the Circle of Monarchs conducted business. The resulting bylaws were approved in 2011, changing the executive committee, which had previous been a tacitly-approved body, into something codified and official.

2012-2014: Michael, Randall, Sayge

In 2012, Kurse stepped down as Amtgard, Inc. Representative and advised the Circle of Monarchs that Sayge would be his replacement. Sayge began his service as a member of the executive committee at the beginning of the 2012 Circle of Monarchs meeting.

2014-2016: Michael, Randall, Caliana

Caliana became representative for the Amtgard, Inc. Board of Directors in 2014.

2016 (January-April): Michael, Randall, Dojo

Following Caliana's retirement as president of the Amtgard, Inc. Board of Directors, Dojo Mojo became the new representative.

2016 (May)-2017: Randall, Promethea, Dojo

In early 2016, Michael stepped down from the Executive Committee due to health reasons. With the permission of the Circle of Monarchs, Randall assumed the position of acting chair and appointed Promethea to the position of acting secretary. At Clan of 2016, both were confirmed in these positions by the Circle of Monarchs.

2017-2018: Randall, Promethea, Raven Bex

Dojo left the committee due to health reasons, and was replaced by Raven Bex.

2018-2019: Randall, Fiks, Raven Bex

Promethea left the committee, and was replaced by Fiks.


Many of the people involved in the process that led to the emergence of Amtgard representative government are fans of history, and informally and internally borrowed the Latin term "triumvirate" to describe the groups of three individuals in which they were involved. When the second team of three emerged, the term "second triumvirate" was used as an informal term of self-description. The terms had no official significance, but do suggest the importance of the responsibilities each team bore. The notion of "first triumvirate" suggests the first team's significance in restarting the rules process and placing control of the rulebook in the hands of Amtgard, while the notion of "second triumvirate" suggests the second team's efforts in designing Amtgard-wide standards and providing the basis for what would eventually become the executive committee.