Forgotten Wood

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A defunct freehold located in Spring Hill, Florida.




A chapter formerly associated with the Sakura Moon Empire whom they broke away from on February 9th 2008. Freehold Status granted February 22nd 2008. Since then they have become a highly respected and well-trained fighting unit.

They began as a small group of 6 people, and though still small compared to other groups, they now have close to 30 active members attending.

They are a mix of European and Japanese influences, as some of their members still retain their love of the Japanese culture.

Their training is still mainly in Japanese forms, as they continue to use their Japanese themed weaponry.

For all intents and purposes, Forgotten Wood is a mercenary group. This does not mean you have to pay to use them, merely they are a mix of unique individuals.

Though they are a ragtag group of individuals, they are good at heart.

Chapter removed from ORK for inactivity in 2010.


Highest Offices

Ronin Kaigaishi - Elder of Forgotten/Rosuto Wood

Shugo Tenshi- Diamyo of Forgotten/Rosuto Wood

Nick Musicaro- First Under

Gunther- Second Under

Mishiranu Doragon- Veteran

Zack Boyce- Veteran

Combat Trainers

Ronin Kaigaishi - Twin Heavens

Mishiranu Doragon - Naginata Trainer

Zack Boyce- Bow and Scout Trainer

Nick Musicaro - Shinobi Trainer

Contacts and Directions

All Amtgarders are welcome to come join us at anytime.

Forgotten Wood met at Amity Trails in Spring Hill Sundays at 3pm to whenever and Fridays @ 4pm.


14755 Coronado Drive Spring Hill, FL 34609

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