Broken Bridge

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A Defunct chapter of the Emerald Hills , located in Stephenville, TX.


The original concept for the Broke Bridge Heraldry integrated large amounts of detail and was never truly used by the Broken Bridge Shire, it never made it out of the planning stage. The Heraldry consisted of a bridge viewed from the side with a gap in its midsection. Three figures could be seen in the canyon below standing among the ruined bridge sections a Druid, a Wizard and a Warrior. To the left of the bridge stood a company of Uruk-hai and Goblins while to the right could be seen a village. In the sky flew a Black Dragon hovering over the bridge. The Wizard stood with his staff outstretched, emitting a yellow light from its tip.

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This chapter was inactive from 2005 to 2008 located in Cleburne, TX., but was reformed in September of 2008 in Stephenville.

In the past year (2008), two former members of Broken Bridge have sat about reforming the Shire in a new location (Stephenville, TX). By keeping the former Shire's name, the founders of the new Shire hope to keep the history of Broken Bridge alive. Following the concept of the original Heraldry the new founders have simplified the design. The Heraldry now consists of a bridge viewed from the side suspended between two hills with a river flowing beneath it. This bridge is also missing its midsection and is cracked and fractured.

Broken Bridge is reported Defunct as of September 2010.


Contacts and Directions

Google maps.png Somewhere in Stephenville.

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