Ethan Wallace of Trent

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Baron Ethan Wallace of Trent, Duchy of Traitor's Gate, The Celestial Kingdom





Started playing Amtgard in January 2003, at the Shire of Mystic Springs in San Antonio, TX. Briefly moved to Traitor's Gate in San Antonio, then played as a Freeholder from 2007-2009 before settling down in 2010 as a member of Talonfield in Bastrop, TX. As of 2012 he was back in Traitors Gate. After a brief absence, he returned again to Traitor's Gate in early 2015.

Affiliated Groups

The Unseelie Court
House Killjoy
Great Druid of the Silver Glade

Belted Family

None at present

Notable Accomplishments

Paragon Archer, May 2004
Has held the offices of Sheriff and Prime Minister of Mystic Springs
26th Prime Minister of the Celestial Kingdom, February 2004 - August 2004
Walker of the Middle, November 2004
Walker of the Middle, May 2007
Guildmaster of Reeves, November 2006 - August 2007
Classes at 6th level: Archer, Druid, Scout

More Information


"Baron Ethan of Boom":
Currently in charge of the Wokou Aeronautics and Space Program (WASP)

Ethan's superpower:
"Ethan develops a body of scales, they are very strong, and grant you the ability to climb using bare hands and feet, your strength is increased, and you can suffer much more damage, no fear of car wrecks and the like.. you get a forked tongue that is really long.

Your body takes on a chameleon type ability/pattern, which you can turn to your natural color as well (you're now mostly green with a yellow under belly).

You have to eat insects throughout the day, but they taste ok." -- Grendel