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Squire Orko, of Wavehaven in the Kingdom of Westmarch

Orko's Father
Home Park Wavehaven
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2007
Noble Title Never
Belt Status Squire to Sir Grix

Orko, after being sluffed by his own negative projection, immediately rejects analyzing the semantic meaning of propositions, mental states, and statements in terms of a correspondence or representational relationship and instead calls for semantics in terms of notions like dispositions to action, inferential relationships, or functional roles.

"Think about your dad. He's thinking about you, why aren't you thinking about him?"

"What do I care? I'm not his A&S man-at-arms, I'm his cock suckin' man-at-arms. So I couldn't give a shit unless his cock grew three sizes that day."
- Casca, pretending to be Orko


Started playing Amtgard July, 2009.

Has done, and will do, nothing.

Orko once told his team at Feast of Mars VIII, "I don't care if we win, I just want to see shenanigans." To the surprise of Orko, his team took his words as if he were a fanatic cult leader. He still regrets that.

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