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Countess Ser Eliessi Elithrandil Tannon, of Biting Winds, Goldenvale

”Just your average everyday supergoddess.”
"Define 'interesting'." "Oh god, oh god, we're all gonna die?"
"The Patron Saint of Caffeine"



Eliessi started playing Amtgard in the Shire of Haranshire in 2001, and played there until moving away in 2003. Eliessi played sporadically from 2003-2006 due to living in a no-Amtgard area. In 2006, Eliessi moved to Crystal Groves where she played until 2010. In April 2011 along with Squire FalQuinn Tannon she became one of the founders of the Shire of Two Rivers Point in upstate New York, part of the Kingdom of Goldenvale. She has served as their Prime Minister, Regent, and Sheriff. Eliessi has been squired to Sir Angrist Galvorn, since 2008. Eliessi is a big fan and supporter of role play within Amtgard, helping set up an outpost of the Elven Court in the Northeast known as Caer Anwynn, along with Sir Pollux, Sir Vasa Wolfrider, Squire Courynn and several others. She has served as Finvarrah of this branch of the Elven Court twice.

Eliessi was a Saracen Initiate under Squire Razor, and received her full S at Great Eastern in 2005. She left amidst much company turmoil in 2008, while serving as Lieutenant of Tribe Red Fist, based out of Crystal Groves. Along with Man at Arms Jack Cross and Sir Angrist Galvorn, she helped form The Privateers, a company based out of Crystal Groves with a steampunk bend. In September of 2009, the company was absorbed by the Voodoo Confederacy. Voodoo Confederacy having since been dissolved, she is currently a member of Umbra Victus.

Eliessi served as the Princess of Crystal Groves from January to June 2010. She was autocrat of her first large scale event Feast of Fools in April of 2010. In early summer 2010, she also became part of the Tannon family household as a ward of house patriarch Thalen Tannon. She was knighted for service to Amtgard in 2022.

Eliessi is "real-life" married to Sir FalQuinn Tannon and has two children, Dominic and Emery.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Autocrat, Feast of Fools 2010
  • Princess of Crystal Groves, Jan 2010 - July 2010
  • Co-Autocrat, Moonshine 2003
  • Feast-o-crat Feast of Fools 2008
  • Quest-o-crat, CG Coronation 2009
  • Co-founder of Two Rivers Point, 2011
  • Co-autocrat, GE XV, May 2013
  • Co-autocrat, GE XVI, May 2014


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