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Baron Man at Arms Karn of Wolven Fang, Goldenvale




Karn is one of several new players who began playing just before Frostbite 2010. Early in his participation he organized Wolvenfang's participation in a charity event with Big Brother Big Sister. He was since become involved in bringing Amtgard into the community at several levels. His first quest was a Dora quest for his 4 year old daughter.

Affiliated Groups

Belted family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Organizing WF participation in Bowl-for-kids
  • Organizing WF participation with Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Baron given by King Akrith

Positions Held

  • Duke of Wolvenfang, August 2011 - February 2012
  • Duke of Wolvenfang, August 2014 - February 2015

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