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When the God of the Dead wants to make sure someone stays buried, his favorite tools are the Anubites - a race of intelligent golems, brought to life through the will of the Gods and given a modicum of free will. An Anubite begins “life” as nothing more than an extremely elaborate statue or bas-relief carving of a jackal-headed man of heroic proportions. Through the prayers of the devout - or out of a sense of divine knowledge - the statues animate and are given life to carry out their duties as protector, and barring that, as avenger.
1001 Amtgardian Nights

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Egyptian garb
  • Jackal make-up
Requirements None
Monster Type Animation
Level 5
Power Rating 3
Armor 1 (Natural) or 2 (Worn)
Shields None
Weapons Any melee



Special Notes