Kelvelos Solevlek

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Kelvelos Solevlek ap Warbird
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Paul Gibson
Chapter Cursed Prairie
Kingdom Rising Winds
Started January 2007
Nobility Master
Contact Info.
E-Mail [email protected]
Solevlek Heraldry Revised.png
"Ferox Deo Vacuus Vinco" ("Proudly, without God, I conquer")

"Punch 'em in the dick!"

"Awesome how you ask for violence & I ask for hugs." - Taver


He is a member of Cursed Prairie, a chapter located in East Peoria, IL. Kelvelos began playing in January 2007, in which he attended Pokettokon; the only anime convention in the central Illinois area. There he assisted Lexi with an Amtgard demonstration & decided that it was enjoyable enough to absorb most of his free time. The next week he was at the park ready to hit people with foam.

Within his first 3 months he did exactly what he was told not to do by many players of a more experienced nature; namely (Katzu & Kathrynn). "Politics" they said "are something no newbie should play with for at least a year". So he ran for Champion; after facing many superior fighters from Phoenix Tears & Olympus he managed to come in at 3rd place; securing his office. Since then he has watched the park expand & accept new members as well as become part of the Rising Winds.

He was General of Bael's forces of Chaos; even though the war never really left home. He was also the PM of Cursed Prairie, where he helped develop better paperwork & ORK maintenance.

He is currently on a semi-hiatus from the game due to mundane issues & the distance needed to travel to attend his local park...


  • Kelvelos is fond of alcohol, yet he is not to have Tequila... EVER!




Belted Family

Kelvelos & RW Saracens




Other Facts

  • Mundane World
    • He is helping Dr. Steel build a Utopian Playland.
    • He is an Ordained Minister.
    • He is always working on offbeat Amtgard projects.
    • He is an freelance graphic artist & web designer, thus creating Heraldry including the one used for his park & being the primary editor/creator of most of his park's AmtWiki entries.
  • In Game
    • He is an angry Pirate.
    • He is the sole disciple of Lorian the Guardian of Time.
    • He carries the Asian name of "Mugetsu"
    • He has taken "Warbird" as his last name, due to the mentoring of "Colonel" Warbird.

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