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Feared creatures of legend who change form from human to beast. Werecreatures are known to come in a variety of predatory animal forms. Amongst the most common are wolves, rats, bears, tigers, and boars – though many other, rare species are known to exist, such as Monkeys. This entry also represents the common description for all Werecreatures, regardless of the type of creature they are. Werecreatures are generally of evil disposition, enjoying the primal nature of the hunt and pursuing humans as the tastiest meal of all.
Dor Un Avathar X

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Lots of fur.
  • Fangs.
  • Details to the garb to identify the type of creature.
Requirements None
Monster Type Beast
Level 6
Power Rating 3
Armor 2 (Natural)
Shields None
Weapons Short (Natural)



Special Notes

  • Please see the General Monster Rules for additional traits and limitations of all Monsters.
  • The caster may not have more than three instances of Lycanthropy active at a time.