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The Tatsu Clan intends to bring an eastern twist to a dominantly western world of roleplay with the Ninja as our main theme. We imploy stealth tactics on and off the battlefield, but we are not without a sense of honor. Anyone out there who needs reliable soldiers, spies, assassins, or thieves we have your back... for a price.

We are based out of the Kingdom of Blackspire.


Aug 31, 2007: Nakadai comes face-to-face for the first time with Capt. Hook of the Jolly Rogers at Pac-War IX.

Sept 13, 2007: Nakadai forges the Tatsu Clan with the help of Lit Vire Moon, and Kurokusai.

Feb 7, 2008: Summer 08. Kurokusai (Jebus at the time) is officialy titled "The Sexacutioner" by King Darrian.

Feb 21, 2009: Nakadai elected Guildmaster of Assassins for the Kingdom of Blackspire.

Back Story

A mysterious band of rebels from a distant land known as Engoku, the Tatsu Clan opposed the tyrannous emperor of Nippon and a Shogun known as Haratori Hanzo who ruled the land with an iron fist under the leadership of an ex-samurai Shinobi named Nakada]]i Katsumoto. The Tatsu Clan, because they did not have the numbers or the weapons or equipment to engage the Shoguns army in open battle, engaged their enemies using stealth and guerilla tactics. They faught with unique martial arts styles from all different regions of Engoku. Although very skilled, this was not enough to tip the odds in their favor.

It was not until they discovered another group of rebels from a distant land known as Blackspire that it seemed they had a chance. Katsumotos scouts sighted enormous sea vessels decimating and plundering the emperors merchant and trading vessels. Even taking on the emperor’s navy successfully. Katsumoto thought they would make powerful allies.

When these pirates came to shore Katsumoto and some subordinates approached them in peace with a proposal for them. It seemed that they shared a common enemy and could help one another. The Pirates explained that they too were rebels from a distant land and that they plunder ships in order to steal supplies and funds for their own rebellion back home. A deal was struck between these pirates and ninja that if the pirates supplied Katsumoto with weapons, soldiers and provided sea cover that upon their victory the Tatsu clan would help the Pirates with their own rebellion. The Tatsu Clan was finally powerful enough to openly oppose the Shogun.

Using the weapons provided to them from their new allies the Tatsu Clan achieved their first victory against Hanzos army, but when they returned to their forest hideout they found it overrun by Hanzo and his elite Samurai. Katsumoto quickly fled with his ninja closer to the shore, allowing Hanzo to follow with intention of leading them within firing range of the Pirates canons. But when they arrived the pirates targeted Katsumoto and his Ninja instead. What followed after was not a battle, but slaughter. Katsumoto himself, remembering his Samurai heritage stood his ground, slaying 30 of Hanzos men before drawing his last breath.

Amongst the confusion a handful of the Tatsu Clan, under cover of darkness and fog unveiled some escape rafts that the pirates were not aware of and drifted out to sea stowing away on the ships of the traitorous pirates. Among them were Kurokusai, Lit Vire Moon and Katsumoto's only son Nakadai Tadokoro. Whilst stowed away on the vessels they learned that the pirates were in league with Hanzo from the start and received a large reward for revealing the rebels hideout and assisting in crushing them. They learned that these pirates are not rebels, but greedy thieving murderers who only interest themselves with treasures. They have no sense of honor. It was not until the pirates landed at port in Blackspire that they learned of the stowaways. But by then it was too late, they had already escaped and blended in with this new land, but not before killing several crew members and tossing much of Hanzos "reward" overboard.

The Tatsu Clan now exist somewhere in Dragonsforge, living as mercenaries for hire under the leadership of Nakadai Tadokoro. They still fight as gorillas and refuse to dishonor themselves by fighting with pirate weapons. There they are rebuilding their clan and gaining new, more trustworthy allies with plans of returning to Engoku to finish their rebellion, and taking revenge against those who betrayed them.


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Ninja Council

Nakadai Tadokoro, Ninja of Shadow. (Ninja Nick)

Kurokusai, The Sexecutioner. (Jebus)