Jolly Rogers

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The Jolly Rogers are a militant household, that happens to enjoy role playing pirates. All the ranks are based on tarot cards. Every King has their own ship and crew.


King - Captain of a ship, may take one Jack and three Scallywags
Queen - Female equivalent of King and shares his ship
Jack - First Mate, may take one Fool and two Scallywags
Fool - Boatswain, may take a Scallywag
Scallywag - Initiate
Able Seaman - Deck Hand, Full Member
Wench - Female member who leans more towards service than fighting
Powder Monkey - Member who is under the age of fourteen
Corsair - Full member, fights on the west coast as a separate unit within the house

Member List

Indrid - Commodore/ King of Cups
Grandma - Queen of Cups

  • Lucy - Jack of Cups
  • Tamberlynn - Keeper of the code
  • Sekushii - Scallywag

Riley - King of Staffs

  • Kaz - Jack of Staffs

Wren - King of Pentacles
Winter - Queen of Pentacles/ Head Wench

  • Ghost - Scallywag
  • Dustin - Powder Monkey
  • Hunter - Powder Monkey
  • Autumn - Powder Monkey
  • Summer - Junior Wench
  • Boogie - Cabin Kid

Oromis - King of Swords

  • Kidd - Jack of Swords
  • Little Blackthorn - Scally Wag
  • Little Warrior - Able Seaman

Grimloch - Captain, West Side Corsairs