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The following rules are from an out of date rule-set

An Archetype for all classes from the Book of Engoku.


Behind the mythology that is the Ninja lies a much more interesting truth: the Shinobi. Shinobi, while they are occasionally put to the task of assassinating important figures before a battle, are primarily spies. They infiltrate the ranks of the enemy by looking like they should be there, and even doing the work of their enemies. But when the time comes, their sinister purpose is fulfilled. The finest of Shinobi will only be known to their master.


Shinobi wear the garb of their class, something that looks normal, and not out of place. While infiltrating an army of gaijin, for instance, going around in a kimono and hakama would make the Shinobi stick out like a sore thumb. The black pajamas are right out. If playing the part of a peon, try wearing disguises. Infiltrating a camp of stick jocks? Wear a crappy t-tunic and some sweat pants.

Essential Spells (All)

For Shinobi spell casters, the spell list should fit the task at hand, so there are no ‘Essential’ Shinobi spells. That being said, the Shinobi should always have a slew of spells to help them escape if things get bad. Bard in particular has a number of spells that make spying easier, and is highly recommended for a Shinobi class.

Suggested Spells (Druid)

Ambidexterity, Barkskin, Commune, Finger of Death, Plant Door, Any ‘Protection’, Stoneskin, Teleport, Touch of Paralyzation

Suggested Spells (Healer)

Circle of Protection, Heal, Lost, Mute, Any ‘Protection’, Sever Spirit, Stun, Summon Dead, Talk to Dead, Teleport, Touch of Death, Wounding

Suggested Spells (Wizard)

Ambidexterity, Circle of Protection, Defend, Finger of Death, Flight, Hold Person, Liplock, Messenger, Any ‘Protection’, Sever Spirit, Shove, Stack, Stun Weapon, Talk to Dead, Teleport, Touch of Death, Wounding

Suggested Spells (Bard)

Charm, Confusion, Hold Person, Liplock, Lore, Mute, Mimic, Any ‘Protection’, Talk to Dead, Truth, Visit, Yield

Essential Abilities

Essential to the Shinobi are Abilities that assist in either blending in with the crowd, being totally unseen, or getting away if things go bad.

Suggested Abilities

Since Shinobi are sometimes called upon to assassinate an important target without leaving any clues, Abilities that make that easier are a good thing to have, just in case.

Role-Playing Notes

Shinobi are never too quiet, never too loud. They always seek to look as normal as possible, as if they belong there. Since there are few game effects they can get to give them access to their opponents’ camps, they must rely on Role Play to get the job done. This makes Shinobi the single hardest Archetype, Class, or Monster to play.


Whatever they’re expected to have on them. Still trying to infiltrate a camp of stick jocks? Bring a single short. You get the idea.