Spyn Thrift N’than

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Duke Sir Spyn Thrift N’than



"Spyn got his streaks in tourneys with several Sword Knights trying very hard to stop him. We were afraid his ego would block the sun and cause 'global cooling'." -Sir Shadow Mufhstoughir

Spyn was voted the second best Sword Knight in all of Amtgard in 2003.

FWACK Comments: Spyn has been with SKBC since the beginning. He was one of two Texas instructors we brought to Colorado for the first SKBC before we knew it would work long term. In many ways he revolutionized both Amtgard Florentine and Amtgard drills.

Affiliated Groups

Co-Captain of Rogue Company

Belted Family

Spyn's Squires included; Ed the Dread, Blank Kingfisher, and Jinken aka JLee

Notable Accomplishments

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