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The Sh'shussa are a race of intelligent, highly-creative jellyfish, with a complex society utterly belying their alien nature. They are well-known for their impressive works of art, using natural materials to make enormous murals covering the walls of their undersea cities. When roused to battle, Sh'shussa show no concept of self-preservation, throwing themselves on the weapons of their enemies so their allies might survive to fight another day..
Nautical Nights

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Large “hood” or hat with tentacles.
Requirements None
Monster Type Beast
Level 1
Power Rating 0.5
Armor None
Shields None
Weapons Hinged (Natural), Short, Long, Great



  • May not leave Water zones.

Special Notes

  • Please see the General Monster Rules for additional traits and limitations of all Monsters.
  • Sh'shussa are not affected by entering a Jellyfish school.