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*Prime Shadow of the Dark Phoenix Brotherhood
*Prime Shadow of the Dark Phoenix Brotherhood
*[[Hidden Blades]]
*[[Hidden Blades]]
*Rising Winds Pro-tem Champion June-September 2022
===[[Belted Family]]===
===[[Belted Family]]===

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Prime Shadow Squire Baron Raten Firewalker The Tactician, of The Emerald Glades

Raten Heraldry.png

”I need more rum”

”Walking is really just constantly falling and catching yourself when you get down to it.”

”Our game extends beyond the game”


Lord Raten.jpg


Raten began fighting at the age of fourteen in Dagorhir in Medina, Ohio. In 2012 he was introduced to Amtgard and never looked back. He and his friend Dirk Ravenholm created the Shire of Terrier's Run in 2014.

In 2015 Raten returned to his home town of Medina where he founded Emerald Glades

Affiliated Groups

  • Terrier's Run former Champion and Prime Minister (2013-2015), and co-founder
  • Emerald Glades Founder, first Monarch (reign 1 and 2), Champion (reign 3), Monarch (reign 5 and 6), Pro-tem Champion (reign 7), Prime Minister (reign 9/10), Monarch (reign 12)
  • Full S in Saracens
  • Founder of House Firewalker and Nefarious Interlopers households
  • Major in the Steel Phoenix Army
  • Rising Winds Pro-Tem GMR March 2018
  • Rising Winds GMR June 2018
  • Grand Duchy of Midgard Champion September 2018
  • Rising Winds Prime Minister June 2019
  • Prime Shadow of the Dark Phoenix Brotherhood
  • Hidden Blades
  • Rising Winds Pro-tem Champion June-September 2022

Belted Family

Sir Manama Proster (Serpent)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Winner of Terrier's Run 2014 Fall Midreign warskills Tournament
  • Second Place Terrier's Run 2015 Spring Champion's warskills Tournament
  • Lord granted by the Rising Winds on June 25th, 2016
  • Recipient of the Steel Phoenix Medal of Honor
  • Major Rank in the Steel Phoenix Army
  • Winner of the Keep 2019 Assassin game
  • Paragon Assassin at Keep 2019
  • Elevated to Baron by the Rising Winds March 2020
  • Master Rose awarded at Keep 2022

Additional Images

Raten Pillar.jpg

Raten Forest.jpg


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