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Lord Man-at-Arms Owen Smurf MacMhuirich, of Wyldewind Bridge, Kingdom of Rivermoor

This is my "Oh, R'lyeh?" face.
Personal Heraldry (as embroidered by Jespren)

Quote 1: "When I take over the world, which should be any day now, I'm going to immediately declare war on - and conquer - Canada, Mexico, and Central America down to the Panama Canal. Then, I'm going to nuke Hawaii. Just nuke it right off the map. With the additional land that will be under my control, I will create 26 new states, and rename the nation. We will be the United States of North and Central America. USONACA for short. Now, who wants to be in my cabinet of advisors???"

Quote 2: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When life hands you hemlock, don't make hemlock-ade. When life hands you a Tyrannosaurus Rex, ninja kick it in the head. As long as you can always tell the difference between lemons, hemlocks, and Tyrannosaurs, you should be ok.


Joined Olympus in August of 2009, then took office as Regent with Covus in November of 2009 and stayed there until October 2010. Took office as Duke of Olympus in October 2010 with Wolfstar as his Regent. After 6 months off, took office as Regent with Nanako as Duke. Due to mundane work issues, his attendance was sporadic in Olympus after stepping out of office in May 2012. In May 2013 Owen and five others founded the freehold of Wyldewind Bridge in Iowa City, Iowa and was the first Seneschal of this new park.

Owen likes to mess with the Dragon Master format; he feels that Dragon Masters should have to perform at the same level as Weapon Masters. For his first two tournaments, Owen required entrants to submit 7 or 8 items within umbrella categories (one field garb, court garb, or garb accessory, one food or drink, one song/recitation/performance, etc.) For the third Dragon Master he presided over, there were still umbrella categories, but one item in each was to be entered by each entrant once a month (garb the first month, food the next, etc.) His next plan? to combine Weapon Master and Dragon Master into one event, and require the entrants to fight for the right to enter an item into an umbrella category for judging!...but, that's still a ways off.

Owen is married to the lovely Jespren Ray, with whom he has 3 angelic children: Gabriel MacMhuirich, Amaranth, and Alexstrasza. The two oldest are already very keen on Amtgard (in as much as they like to beat on their father with foam sticks. Also, as they are less than 4 feet tall, this poses something of a problem for Owen when it comes to his childrens' sense of target acquisition.)

When he's not wizarding it up on the field, Owen enjoys singing on the sidelines, goofing around with his Oath Brothers, and just having a good time at Amtgard.

Belted Family

Affiliated Groups

Free Company (Oathbrother)

Ministers of Grace

Arclight - Sentry

House of Mu - Muubie

Siegeweapon Saints

Notable Accomplishments

  • Regent of Olympus Proper; November 2011 - May 2012
  • Duke of Olympus Proper; November 2010 - May 2011
  • Regent of Olympus Proper; November 2009 - May 2010
  • Regent of Olympus Proper; May 2010 - November 2010
  • Seneschal of Wyldewind Bridge; May 2013 - November 2013

Additional Images

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