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'"Light is my weapon, faith is my shield. I am the Sword of Justice. I am the Open Hand of Mercy. I will be a shield to those who cry out, and a healer to those in distress. I am the hammerfall of wrath, the instrument by which the shadow you cast on this earth is removed. Rest now, and return to hallowed earth. -Arclight execution prayer "'

Arclight serves to represent five important principles

  • Honour
  • Justice
  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Foritude

Founded as a fighting company based out of Dark Shores , Iron Mountains in 2008, Arclight converted into a household in 2012 with no intention of reverting. Being a part of Arclight means being fair and honourable in all things, on the field and off. Serving the park when able and striving for excellence in your chosen fields, whatever those may be. We aim to serve as facilitators and mediators while maintaining a dominant presence on the field.

Arlen Akumatron has taken over leadership in the most recent months of the household

Dark Shores Members

Wyldewind Bridge Members

Traitors Gate