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Jespren Ray, of Wyldewind Bridge, Kingdom of Rivermoor

”The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the Kingdom of God endures forever.”



Jespren started playing with her husband Owen in October of 2009, in the Duchy of Olympus. As she is the mother of (now) 3 small children, she is not always able to participate on game days. But, when she is present, she always has a good attitude, a kind word, and an eye for improving the look and feel of Amtgard. She is an accomplished artisan, taking great pleasure in sewing, embroidering, drawing, painting, weaving, braiding, sculpting...well, you get the idea.

In May 2013 Jespren and five others founded the freehold of Wyldewind Bridge in Iowa City, Iowa.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Duchy of Olympus Dragon Master - Given by Regant Wolfstar, January 2011
  • Duchy of Olympus Dragon Master - Given by Regant Ayla, July 2011

Additional Images

Below are some examples of Jespren's work:

2013-05-27092707_zps70502980.jpg Embroidery and Bead work

2012-01-23085349_zps6bd213a6.jpg A Map of Amtgard

2013-05-10081937_zpsacd1f80e.jpg Hollow Egg Paint...thing...

2013-05-27084706_zps17778287.jpg Sculpted and Painted dragon

2013-05-27084832_zps0a9835a4.jpg More Bead Work

2013-05-27085003_zps81a1fbce.jpg Gabriel MacMhuirich's heraldry (embroidered)

More Information

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