Look The Part

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This is an extra Ability that is available to a player only if they actively role-play or portray their class. Examples would be acting consistently in character in battlegames, having good class-specific garb, and meaningfully contributing to the atmosphere of the game. This ability need not meet a cookie-cutter definition of the class; any dedicated behavior consistent with a backstory can work. Barbarian, for example, could be played as a refined Samurai rather than a raging viking and still qualify for the bonus.
Look The Part abilities are available at first level and are in addition to all other class abilities.
Example: A player has a Look The Part ability of Scavenge 1/Life and a normal class ability of Scavenge 1/Life would have Scavenge 2/life.
Who qualifies for Look The Part is game-by-game bonus awarded by the group monarch or joint decision of the game reeve and the guildmaster for the class.

A listing of classes and thier look the part bonuses
Class Bonus
Archer Pick One Ability: Destruction Arrow, Poison Arrow, Pinning Arrow; Unlimited (ex)
Assassin Poison (self-only) 1/Life (ex)
Barbarian Fight After Death 1/Refresh (ex)(Ambulant)
Monk Heal 1/Life(ex)
Scout Heal 1/Life(ex)
Warrior Insult 1/Life(m)(Ambulant)
Bard 1 Extra point of magic at highest level.
Druid 1 Extra point of magic at highest level.
Healer 1 Extra point of magic at highest level.
Wizard 1 Extra point of magic at highest level.
Anti-Paladin Terror 1/Life(m)
Paladin Awe 1/Life(m)
Peasant None, you get nothing.