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Liches are wizards who have used their magical skill to prolong their existence by becoming undead. The wizard creates a phylactery, or magical vessel, to hold their soul. By removing their soul from the equation, the lich can them use simple magics to maintain the ‘meat’ part of their existence to channel magic. But such choices do not come without sacrifice. As time wears on, the lich becomes dependable on its home to help maintain the undead body. The lich is forced to create special hearth spells to help maintain its flesh until it can learn how to take another body to occupy.
Dor Un Avathar X

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • A skull mask or other “undead” looking garb and makeup.
  • As per player class.
Requirements None
Monster Type Undead
Level Scenario
Power Rating 6
Armor 4 (Natural)
Shields As per player class
Weapons As per player class



Special Notes

  • Please see the General Monster Rules for additional traits and limitations of all Monsters.
  • Phylactery: In order to play this monster, a player must have a physical object at least 3”x3” in size that looks like a container or a jeweled pendant.

This item represents where the Lich has hidden their soul. This is the most valuable item to a Lich, as it has the ability to end its existence. By taking at least ten hits from a melee weapon, the item is destroyed. If the item is destroyed, the Lich loses Contingency. The item can be on the Lich or hidden within its lair, but it would not be placed somewhere unsafe or easy for just anyone to get.