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Master of the Guild, such as it is.

an Officer

What are Guildmasters?

Well, they are what they are, and have varying levels of responsibility and seriousness. For instance the Guildmaster of Knights is a very pivotal job, while the Guildmaster of Warriors isn't really.

Arts and Sciences Guildmasters

Sometimes called the College of Arts and Sciences

'From the Burning Lands corpora 5th edition'

  • 2.11 The non-fighting guilds shall have a guildmaster chosen every six months at the Crown feast. The Monarch shall choose the Science guildmasters, and the Consort shall choose the Arts guildmasters.
  • 2.13 Guildmasters are responsible for encouraging the interest, growth, and application of their particular discipline.



Guildmasters that Work for a living.

Class Guildmasters

'From the Burning Lands Corpora 5th Edition.'

  • 1.91 Each fighting guild, the Circle of Knights, the Circle of Steel, and the Reeves Guild will each vote for their Guildmaster at the Crown Qualifications held every six months.
  • 1.911 One must have participated in a guild in the past six months in order to vote in the election for that guild's guildmaster.
  • 1.92 Class guilds include all fighting guilds (Warriors, Healers, Barbarians, etc.).
  • 1.93 Guildmasters have the following responsibilities:
    • 1.931 Must keep the members of their guild following the proper rules of their class.
    • 1.932 Monitor their classes and present ideas for improvements and possible solutions for problem areas to the Monarch and the Althing.
    • 1.933 Help new people to learn and play by the rules.
    • 1.934 Encourage garb, equipment, and personas applicable to their class.
  • 1.94 Guildmasters may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of all guild members and approval of the Monarch and Prime Minister.