Guildmaster of Smiths

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Excerpt From the Corpora

Symbol for the guildmaster of Smiths circa 1997

Taken directly form the 5th edition BL Corpora, section 2.143.

  • 2.1431 Inform the Monarch and Prime Minister when a smith credit should be awarded for one of the following reasons: sponsoring a major Amtgard event, publication, or workshop, or any other comparable service to Amtgard.
  • 2.1432 Aid the Monarch, and especially the Champion and Guildmaster of Reeves, to insure that equipment utilized on the battlefield is safe.
  • 2.1433 Inform the Prime Minister when a person achieves a new weapon classification rating in dueling. Ratings are gained in each weapons class by the schedule that follows:
    • AA win twelve or more consecutive duels*
    • A win six or more consecutive duels*
    • B win a tourney (four or more duels)*
    • C place 2nd or 3rd in a tourney (four or more duels)*
      • duels must be fought against four or more different opponents determined by the dueling/tourney organizers.
  • 2.1434 Work with the Prime Minister to keep people's dueling records accurate.