Five Oaks

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A Barony of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds located in Radcliff, KY.

Kingdom of Rising Winds




Founded in 1999, and joined the Kingdom of the Rising Winds in 2001. Attendance once swelled above Duchy numbers, and the park died out for almost a year. In 2003, Five Oaks was elevated to Barony status. In the summer of 2011, the nearby Freehold of Jotunheim merged with the few remaining interested Five Oaks players to restart the park, and Five Oaks is alive and kicking.

Notable Events held by Five Oaks include Winter War and Zama-Zombies Ate My Amtgard. Zama is no longer an event held by Five Oaks, but we'd like it to exist again if interest were high enough.



Baron: Fenrir Wolfsbane

Baronial Regent: Lord Squire Gundro Rasksvard

Baronial Chancellor: Squire Tor Oldsen

Baronial Champion: Sicarius, the Black


Winter War

Contacts and Directions

Every Sunday we meet at 1:00pm at Radcliff City Park in Radcliff, KY. To get here you take I-65 to I-265 (Gene Snyder) west to 31W. At the light turn left and stay on that road until you get into Radcliff. The Park will be on your right shortly after the first light. You'll find us at the pavilion. Hope to see you all there.

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