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Zama or "Zombies Ate My Amtgard"

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Zombies Ate my Amtgard is an event held in Central Kentucky.

The event is solely based around a 24 hour, modified one-life roleplay scenario. These are not your standard, run-of-the-mill Amtgard zombies. Think more like Dawn of the Dead, Hoards of relentless, blood-crazed Zombies.

No Flashlights, No Radios, No outside interference. This is a total immersion full roleplay adventure. Survivors will find refuge in a large cavernous hole in the side of a mountain while under constant assault by bloodthirsty Zombies.

"There are no winners, only survivors"

The event is hosted by the Barony of Five Oaks and the ZAMA Team.

ZamA was first held on April 24-26 in 2009. it was held at Grumm Longbeard's cave, an event site with a huge open cave as it's focal point.

Although the player turnout was not as high as expected at the first ZAMA, the next event was an outright success, drawing over 120 people at ZamA 2 in April 2010.

The ZAMA team had to step out of the picture for a few years due to mundane issues, but ZAMA 3 was held in April of 2013. A new event site was used, located in Bedford , KY. The turn out was good considering the length of time since ZAMA 2, with 65 sign-ins. The event went very well, with the debut of a life size Dracolich introduced as the main boss. (it stood 16feet tall with a 36foot wingspan). Everyone who attended loved the event, but one thing seemed to be missing... the cave.

A lot of buzz has been building, and ZamA 4 looks to already have a huge following. The ZamA team has started planning and they expect the turnout to be quite a bit larger than previous years. ZAMA has made it a point to try and out-do itself year after year with interactive props and immersive storylines, so ZAMA 4 should stand to be one of the best events to date.

A new website will be up soon with more info about ZAMA4 which is set to take place April 11th, 2014.

Pictures from ZAMA 3 can be found here: