Tor Oldsen

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Lord Page Freyr Sven Tor Oldsen, of Five Oaks, Rising Winds

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I make lots and lots of fun projects and would like to show that to many lots of people all the time. I am an active member of Five Oaks in Radcliff Kentucky in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Craftsman of Five Oaks - given by Fenrir Wolfsbane, June 2015, for "Creation of relics and game items whenever needed and providing support in the form of tutorials and individual attention."
  • Lord, given by Fenrir Wolfsbane, December 2015
  • Order Of The Wiseman, given by Fenrir WOlfsbane, December 2015, for "service to the Barony of Five Oaks"

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