Dreiya Rai Zahn

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Lady Squire Dreiya Rai Zahn Forsaken Vindictus DeLoki, of Stormwall, Kingdom of the Wetlands

”Where's my cheese?....Dwarf has it again, doesn't he?”




First introduction to Amtgard in early 2016 at Bloodwyrm Haven, having been convinced to give it a try. It was months before the nervous and shy Dreiya picked up her first weapon, but she soon discovered that she loved fighting as much as arting. No longer the shy newbie, Dreiya is known for her over-the-top Mermaid persona, as well as her willingness to jump in and help wherever it is needed. (She may not always admit it, but she is also very well known for her clumsiness. She has tripped and/or fell over during every Kingdom court she has attended.)

When her former husband left his previous company to start his own, she stood by his side and became one of the founding members. After a long talk with the members, they decided to change it to a household and focus on pairing younger, and sometimes troubled, newbies with mentors in an effort to help them both in Amtgard and in mundane life. She is fiercely proud of what House Wulfen has done for it's younger members and continually looks for more mentors.

Moved to Stormwall in Spring of 2017. Became Regent that June. Dreiya found a second home in Stormwall, and does everything she can for her park, from promoting her Baron's events, to designing new awards. She has also worked tirelessly to bring a regular A&S night to Stormwall, and has plans for a twice-yearly Tavern night. In of January, 2018 she was elevated to pro-tem Baroness and voted in on the spot. She returned to the position of Regent the very next reign, so that she could continue to focus on the arts. Fall 2019 saw her relocate yet again, this time to the swamps of Blood Marsh, where she quickly found herself returning to the office of Regent.

Dreiya fought valiantly on the front lines in the great war of Pineapples Belong On Pizza of February 2018. She will forever champion for Pineapple to be allowed anywhere it's mate Ham is. From this war, the household Long Live Pineapples was born.

While she loves fighting, A&S is where her heart lies. She covers many crafts, but focuses heavily on garbing and leather work-both of which she has been seen teaching to the munchkins of Stormwall, Bloodwyrm Haven and now Blood Marsh. She is known for not only her judicious use of her corgi heraldry (as well as her corgis themselves), flame red hair, and love of pole fighting, and ostentatious mermaid persona, but also for her constant stream of new projects that she brings to park each week. As of March 2019, she claims the title of Dragonmaster among her A&S achievements.

((Formerly known as Rai Wolfborn Kenlyl. She chose to change her name after the split with her former husband, since he was the one who originally chose her persona name.

Affiliated Groups

House Wulfen, Wolf Priest

House Fairy Tail

House Rosemont

Wetlands Heraldry Group


House Sorry

House DeLoki

House Lionesse

Belted Family

Lady Dreiya Rai Zahn
 Man At Arms Ulf Ronso 

Currently unbelted. She has one Man at Arms under her title.

Was previously dual-belted Woman at Arms to Squire Sarai De Mandaloria under Duke Sir Ozymandias De Mandaloria and Woman at Arms to Squire Nyxgar, under Countess Sir Denah hap Tugruk

Notable Accomplishments

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