Sarai De Mandaloria

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Squire Sarai De Mandaloria, of Bloodwyrm Haven, Wetlands

”Wanna bet?”-in reply to ANYTHING that is said by her Knight.


Sarai began playing in early 2012, and quickly became known as the only person who had any actual hope of getting Thule Ironbeard to listen. She was often seen chasing after people who had irritated her, threatening them with her preferred weapon, a staff.

She stayed close to her home park for some time, but is currently exploring other parks, and the kingdom at large

Affiliated Groups

House Draconis
Pirates of Stormwall-Company
War Dragons - Former member

Belted Family

Sir Ozymandias De Mandaloria (Knight of the Crown) (Knight of the Flame)

Notable Accomplishments

Current reigning Regent of Bloodwyrm Haven

More Information

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