Dragon, Feathered Serpent

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Feathered Serpent Dragon.jpg
The Feathered Serpents are a smaller, though no less potent, member of the Dragon family. They resemble great vipers with immense, rainbow-hued feathered wings. Feathered Serpents are generally good natured, intelligent creatures, out to keep the world safe from the depredations of Evil.
Dor Un Avathar X

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Bright green tunic or garb.
  • Rainbow-colored feathered wings or cape.
Requirements None
Monster Type Legendary Beast
Level Scenario
Power Rating 8
Armor 4 (Natural), 2 (Natural Invulnerability)
Shields None
Weapons Single Long (Natural Magical) and as per Player Class



  • None

Special Notes

  • Please see the General Monster Rules for additional traits and limitations of all Monsters.
  • When purchasing equipment, may only purchase equipment that is available to both player classes, and then must spend magic points from both player classes spell lists to do so.