Cutari Roskara

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Baroness Dame Cutari Roskara of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

A.K.A. Ayatollah Khutari




Cutari Roskara is single-belted, having been given her Crown belt by the Kingdom of Dragonspine in 2000 for her work in Pegasus Valley, and she continues to work for the advancement of her kingdom and Amtgard as a whole.

Additionally she is a very funny person to talk with.

Affiliated Groups

Cutari is one of the founding members of Bellator Adamas. She is also Ayatollah Khutari of the Scarlet Meanies.

Belted family

Before she joined the peerage in the order of the Crown, Cutari was Squire to Weilok, who was squire to Greywalker, who was Squire to Andralaine, who was squire to Deth the dire hearted, who was squire to Gilos Dawnhope who was Squire to Tawnee Darkfalcon.

Notable deeds


Knight of the Crown - Knighted in October 2000 at Dragonspine Coronation by King Malachi of Dragonspine


Regent of the Iron Mountains, January 2003 - June 2003



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