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A catch-all class for members of Amtgard who do not participate in the combat portion of the game. These players are often very valuable to the organization as they provide logistics, leadership, and support to keep the rest of the game moving smoothly. Examples can include water bearers, heralds, event organizers, and Serpent Knights.

About Color

What is being a color in Amtgard?
Color is being counted as a participant in garb who doesn’t battle on the field. Despite this, they do still need to sign a waiver. Many of the people who participate in game and sign in as color have different things they do to keep the game running and add new life to participation.

What can a Color do?
There are many things you can do if you play a color class. It’s not just sitting around looking pretty (unless you want to, then go for it.) Colors can still participate in A&S competitions. Colors, in my opinion, make great Regents. Many have a flair for RP and creativity.

What can I do at field as a Color?
There is plenty of stuff to do as a Color at the field level. Colors can make sure everyone is hydrating. They can work on A&S projects. When the time comes for A&S competition they can work at either becoming enter-able or a judge, which helps out their park a good deal. In the same vein, colors can teach classes in these categories, as well as help organize events or meet ups. They can host build nights and provide spaces to do work. They can also assist with teaching how to do different builds if they have the know how.

What can I do at an event as a Color?
Colors at events are helpful as well. They can help supervise different things, like the RP areas, the Barbarian trading post, clean up, cooking, being runners, helping with security, working troll, and so much more! There is so much to be done while battle games, tournaments and the like are going on, and that’s where colors and other volunteers come into play.

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